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Pregnancy Yoga

Prenatal exercise session:

A well-structured prenatal fitness program can make pregnancy both healthier and easier.

Exercise is a beneficial for both you and your baby. It can help you feel better, can increase your sense of control and boost your energy level. Exercise can make delivery easier, by strengthening the muscles needed during labor.

Our Exercise program includes Warm up, Stretches, Aerobics, exercise for the lower abdomen and back, Pelvic Floor Exercises, yoga and Meditation

Consistency is the key. Women who perform these exercises for 30-minute sessions, at least 5 times per week, will receive the majority of benefits listed below. That's the ideal scenario. However, you can still benefit with a more modest exercise schedule. Some exercise is better than none. Women who exercise at mild to moderate intensity at least three times per week, will experience improvement in their well-being, they'll have more energy, they'll sleep better, have reduced constipation, fewer leg cramps and a quicker return to pre-pregnancy weight when compared to their non-exercising counterparts.

Prenatal nutrition session:

Good prenatal nutrition is a way to prevent many pregnancy complications. An excellent pregnancy diet helps you feel better and gives your baby the best start in life. Adequate nutrition before and during pregnancy has greater potential for a long term health impact than it does at any other time. A woman whose diet is adequate during pregnancy can able to

  • Bear a full term normal weight infant.
  • The infant can enter life in good physical and mental condition.
  • Nutrient and muscle stores do not get depleted and produce sufficient milk.
  • Can overcome the pregnancy complications mentioned below.


Counselling will help you:

  1. Dispel myths and attitudes surviving around pregnancy, gender of the expected baby and fears about delivery.
  2. rovide information to pregnant women and more important to their spouses and other family members enhancing family adjustments.
  3. To enhance their coping skills in building further resistance towards their pain and torment on the course of pregnancy though coping techniques.
  4. Birth techniques will be elaborated in facilitating their delivery process.
  5. Sensitizing the clients in reverting back to their shape after delivery and motivating them to exercise, conscious effort in this process will also be carried out in keeping long term benefits in main fray.


Post-natal program focuses the new mother from a holistic perspective guiding her from various directions physically through exercise and diet with the help of a committed and passionate team of experts who understands the significance of the pre-natal care in the society.

This well-structured post-natal program can make post natal period both healthier and easier.This post-natal program includes Insight on post-natal care,Nutritional counseling, Personalized Diet Chart, Diet reviews, specially designed post-natal exercises, yoga & meditation.

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